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Aeration Systems

Ritchie Concrete Incorporated is one of the few authorized distributors for Jet Inc. aeration systems in the state of West Virginia. Our three part wastewater treatment plants are a step up from the typical septic system - no more foul odors, or owner maintenance. Jet Inc. aeration systems also increase your property value, and minimize you homes impact on the environment.

For more information contact us here or call us at 800-642-2629.

Class I Jet consists of the following: 

  • Jet tank

  • Media

  • Motor

  • 2 Chlorinators

  • 2' box

  • 2 years service contract 

  • Up to 3 risers and lids

  • Model 100 Chlorinator & Dechlorinator 

  • 15 Chlorine & dechlor tablets 

  • Model 952 UV Disinfection Device

  • sign & box per DEP rules

Class II Jet consists of: 

  • Jet tank

  • Media

  • Motor

  • Up to 3 risers & lids

  • 2 years service 

At Ritchie Concrete Inc. we offer various service contracts depending upon the type of aeration system you own. Below is a list of service contracts we offer.

  • 1 year service contract- DEP

  • 1 year service contract- SUB SURFACE

  • 1 year service contract- W/UPFLOW

As an authorized distributor of Jet, Inc. products, we honor the 20 year exchange program on all Jet, Inc. motors, as well as warranty repairs. We have new and rebuilt motors in stock, and employ several technicians to service your existing aeration units. To schedule a service call, inquire about an exchange,to purchase a service contract, or if you have questions, contact us here or call us at 800-642-2629.

  • What is NSF?
    NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation.
  • I need an aerator replacement. How much should it cost?
    The cost of your replacement aerator will depend on the age of your existing aerator. Please contact us to discuss pricing.
  • My Jet tank smells, what should I do?"
    Under normal operating conditons, you should not notice an unpleasent odor near your Jet system. If your system is emitting upleasent odors, many factors could be present. Ritchie Concrete Inc. has been trained in troubleshooting Jet Aeration odors. Please contact us to schedule a maintence appointment or talk to a certified technican.
  • What kind of toilet bowl cleaner do you recommend?
    We cannot reccomend a specific brand, but we suggest using a cleaner of organic nature. Heavy cleaners may kill off the good bacteria in your system.
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